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Are you looking for a great venue for your next corporate event or a cozy location for a grand family celebration?  Perhaps you want to organize a concert on a proper stage or have a simple get-together with some friends. If so, look no more!

Brasserie Abtei is Luxembourg's ultimate locale for your events! With unmatched historical backdrop, finger-licking cuisine, friendly staff, and flexible options, we are here to provide you with a memorable organization.

Abtei Brasserie-12.jpg

What we offer

  • Seating dinner for up to 100 guests 

  • Cocktail night (with tapas) for up to 180 guests 

  • Option to book a band or dj 

  • Location inside and/or outside, with one of the most beautiful views in Luxembourg city

  • Parking spots available at Parking St.Esprit 

  • Perfect for: corporate events, birthday parties, concerts, wedding celebrations, and more. 


28 Rue Münster / 2160 Luxembourg //

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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